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Tamkeen provides the following services for people of determination. These services are provided to aid rehabilitation and readiness for employment.

Technical Solutions

Tamkeen provides access and learning with latest assistive technologies.

Employment Services

Tamkeen offers assistance in identifying appropriate employment opportunities and access to these opportunities so that individuals may achieve independence in work areas.

Continuous Training

Tamkeen ensures continuity of training to all employees with determinations, bringing them up to date with latest technology and ensuring career progress.

Career Guidance

Tamkeen provides advice and support to employed people of determination and assists them in improving their performance and raising their levels of professionalism.

Social Awareness Services

Tamkeen offers a range of training programs for different segments of the society that are directly and/or indirectly in touch with people of determination. This service is offered with the aim of raising awareness about the capabilities and potential of people of determination.

Web Design Accessibility Consultation Services

Tamkeen provides technical and accessibility consultation to web designers, keeping in mind the needs of people of determination.

Braille Printing Services

Tamkeen Provides Braille printing services enabling information access to Braille readers.

Smart Phone Applications

Tamkeen provides technical and accessibility consultation to the developers of smart phone applications keeping in mind the needs of people of determination.

Media Services

Tamkeen works with various visual, print and radio media to increase the social awareness about people of determination thereby integrating them in society.

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